About us

We’re a team of two (soon to be expanded  to 4-6 members), We do everything ourselves from researching, writing and reviewing. And, yes we love everything we do,  more about us below.. 

I am a guy who is madly in love with electronics and home appliances. Ever since I was 7 years old, I couldn't wait to get my hands on stuff our parents bought (appliances, game-boys (yeah I'm 90's kid), new TV, or my mom's sewing machine) and digging into manuals and experimenting with stuff. A that's kinda the main reason I started to write about home-appliances.
ard m.
Feminist, who loves writing, good content, and someone who has been blogging since 16. I decided to take a risk joining Ard on his mind-boggling idea which didn't really make sense at the beginning. I mean who writes buying guides for home appliances. Ard and I make a good team when we're on the same page. But, that rarely happens because we couldn't agree on what font color to use on this page as you can tell.
Diellona S.
Cheif Editor.
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